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The JRM is dedicated to encourage scholarship within Social Sciences, with a special focus on Research Methods. The special area of interest is in Qualitative Research and Mixed Methods Research. The target audience for this journal is postgraduate s and post-doctoral researchers, including early career researchers.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): G-CAR: South Valley University Dissertations

This is a repository featuring the first Dissertations submitted by students for their PhD and MPhil degrees awarded by South Valley University through the Global Centre for Academic Research. The titles covered in this volume varry accross many disciplines but focussing on leadership and management in areas such as business leadership, communication, education, public sector organisatons, familiy lidearship, social development issues etc! 

Researchers who produced this knowledge were focussed on solving complex social and national issues, making research to be consumable by practitioners. 

Published: 2021-04-27
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